Urbis Perth Workplace

Urbis Perth Workplace

Noongar Country


At the heart of our philosophy for the wonderful place makers, was designing for sustainability.

To us, this means designing to ‘sustain’, reducing the footprint (literally in built form and joinery) and considering the life of a product, material and its ability to adapt in our environment of rapid change.

Our Process

Designing for sustainability also means considering the diverse individuals who will inhabit the space. We took cues from the exceptional work Urbis do in the Diversity and Inclusivity space, and considered our neurodiverse community. We collaborated with lighting designers for warmer lighting and clear wayfinding, we created smaller scale focus areas with softer textured materials, subtly hinting at sensory spaces designed to reset and calm. It was a humbling experience witnessing the versatile break out area in action, seamlessly dismantled like a flexible stage set within minutes, ready to welcome the Urbis guests at the office opening.

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“To design for neurodiversity means creating environments that offer choice, recognising and accommodating the diverse sensory needs of individuals."

Kristina Tarle

Interior Lead

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