Our journey at KTD begins with that very first coffee meeting, where we delve into your 'why' and really get to know your team. We are committed to creating spaces for longevity, using ethically sourced materials and suppliers.

The KTD Philosophy

We are dedicated to creating lasting spaces, emphasising sustainability, ethical sourcing, and a profound commitment to improving well-being in workplaces. With more than 25 years of experience, we infuse a unique and personalised touch into every aspect of the interior design process.

We pride ourselves in our ability to transform workplaces, positively influence brands, and the way people perceive their work environments. We place the user at the heart of our approach, meticulously creating experiences that authentically capture the unique needs of both the individual and the project.

We Design Kind

Designing space to sustain a long life. Selecting materials and suppliers that give back, are ethically aligned in process and consumption and have people first value systems.

We Look Beyond Today

We look to create relationships that last beyond a single project. This is our definition of sustainability in practice; looking after each other and the well-being of our community.

Lastly and importantly, we align ourselves to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s) No.s 3 -Good Health and Well-Being, and No. 12 - Responsible Consumption and Production.

Our Team

portrait of kristina tarle

Founder & Director, Kristina Tarle

Kristina has over 20 years experience in Interiors within the Commercial, Residential, workplace and hotel sector. More recently she has embarked on a journey in Experience Design, completing studies in Experience Design with the Business Design school ‘KaosPilot’ in Aarhus, Denmark. Kristina’s focus is on the wellness of her teams and this always translates into well designed spaces. Kristina created KTD to focus on wellness in design, to bring experiences to people via interior design and to bring empathy to all projects by getting to know people first. Kristina aims to take KTD towards a registered B corp company, working strongly towards the pillars of the Sustainable Development Goals. Kristina will be the main contact on this project involved from inception through to delivery and completion.

Support Team

Teamwork makes the dream work. We are lucky to have a pool of dedicated fantastic people across the design and architecture industry, different skill sets that we can tap into at any stage of a project.

black and white view of people working at their desk in a corporate office

Sustainability and Ethical Practices

Conscious Design for a Better Tomorrow

At Kristina Tarle Designs, we believe in making design accessible and impactful. Our mission is to educate and transform—showing how thoughtful design can positively influence culture, brand, and well-being.We take pride in creating spaces that inspire change and pride in work habits. Our sustainable approach questions the necessity of every design element, aiming for simplicity and adaptability. We prioritise using existing structures, selecting timeless furnishings, and designing with future flexibility in mind. We choose to work with clients who share our values of putting people first and creating a positive impact.

Our Inspiration

The ultimate entrepreneur, Baba Kata.

Paying respect to our elder who navigated the hardships of life, with very little, whom without, this business , nor the 26 humans she created would be here.

black and white view of people working at their desk in a corporate office

Connect with us

We ensure your environment reflects a commitment to excellence, well-being, and your projects values. Connect with us to align visions and craft a space that stands the test of time.